Maldivian Clothing/Dress

Published on 21 August 2019 by Avila Holidays

The Maldives is hot throughout the year. Light, summer cotton and linen wear is ideal. Our country is best suited for barefeet and sandy toes. For the most part of your stay you will be strolling  on soft white sand.  However, on local islands or Male’, the streets are paved or have compact sand, so pack a pair of casual shoes or better yet sandals.

Maldives does not allow public nudity. At least bikinis or swimming trunks are a must. Most resort guests are required to wear a cover up inside the restaurants, to avoid offending fellow holidaymakers. When visiting local islands or Male’, the capital requires you wear appropriate clothing and respect local customs. Most resorts would advise you on this before you leave on excursions. Please be sensitive to local norms, culture and traditions. On such visits, it is important to be clad in a decent garment. Shorts and T-shirts for men, and blouse or T-shirt and skirt or shorts that cover thighs for women. Please be aware to follow these minimum requirements in this 100% Muslim country. If you envisage attending a formal meeting or making a formal visit, do bring along light formal wear.

On the local islands, a separate area of the beach may be sectioned off as a ‘bikini beach’. These areas are usually reserved for tourists. However there are no strict rules regarding it as some locals also visit the bikini beach. It is advised to wear a bikini only at the bikini beach. Please make sure to dress modestly and not wear a bikini when walking around the island.

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