Maldives packing list

Published on 23 April 2020 by hassam

In a previous post, we briefly highlighted some of the things to keep in mind regarding clothing etiquette in Maldives. Hope you are all excited and let’s dive in to the essentials of what you need. Keep in mind that Maldives is hot and humid throughout the year. Follow our essential Maldives packing list below to get some idea to help you pack.

    • Sunscreen and lotion: Maldives lies right on the equator and it is hot all throughout the year. The thought of skin peeling off your face the week after you return home from Maldives is not a good sight. Trust us, you do not want that to happen, A good quality sun lotion is absolutely necessary for your trip to Maldives. Please keep in mind the normal sun lotions comprise a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the marine life and environment? Our favourite is Sun Bum lotions for all your tropical adventures.


    • Sun glasses: The bight gorgeous days are endless in the Maldives. Going out in to the sun without glasses can be brutal for your eyes.  Its good to bring shades to protect your eyes from the UV rays and enjoy outdoors.


    • Sun hats: Another essential to go with your glasses. Bring along a good sun hat with good covering to protect yourself from the UV rays.


    • Wet and dry bags: These come in handy while out on excursions and day trips. Dry bags keep your mobile phones, cameras and other valuables safe and away from water contact while out and about. A wet bag is a good idea to carry your wet clothes back to your resort or hotel after the excursions. We like the dry bag from Kastking which is totally waterproof and has a transparent window.


    • Snorkelling gear: Although many hotels and resorts provide snorkelling gear, it is a good idea to have your own. This gives you the comfort of owning gear that you are familiar and comfortable in using. Check out these fins from Mares which are comfortable and great for snorkelling. And also have a look at these masks with snorkels.


    • Mosquito repellent: Given the tropical nature of the islands, mosquitoes could become a problem in Maldives. It is a good idea to carry a good mosquito repellent. Repellents come in the form of sprays, creams or even patches that are placed on your garment. Check out these natural spray which smells good and works well.

All above items are essential for a Maldives packing list. Of course you will bring summer  and lightweight clothing options along with these essentials.

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