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Published on 21 August 2019 by Avila Holidays

Hotels, resorts, guesthouses, liveaboard? I’m sure you have heard all these when researching about the Maldives. Where should you stay when travelling to the Maldives?

Hotels: Most of the hotels are located in the capital city of the Maldives, Male’. Male’ is the financial and commercial capital of the country. It is often busy with a large population concentrated on this tiny island. Roads are busy almost all the time. Especially at night since all the shops and café/restaurants are open till late at night. City hotels usually start from USD60 and upwards of USD300 per night at some of the better hotels.

Resorts: in the Maldives, resorts are separate private islands leased exclusively for tourism purposes for private businesses. This means every resort is operated on a separate island which is not populated by any of the local population. Resorts are all-inclusive with accommodation, restaurants, bars, sports and recreations facilities. Resorts usually start from USD250 to USD500 per night basis. Some of the very exclusive high-end resorts can cost upwards of USD10,000 per night.

Guesthouses: These are located on either the capital city, Male’ or any of the other 200 islands where the local population resides. Guesthouses are usually small scale businesses started by the locals. If you prefer to choose a cheap alternative and mix with the locals and see their everyday life, a guesthouse will be your best option. Some of the guesthouses now provide facilities equivalent of a four-star resort and also provides a range of activities locally within the island. A day visit to a nearby resort can also be added to your visit. This might be a great option if you decide to stay at a guesthouse but also prefer to enjoy the luxuries of a resort for a few hours. Guesthouse prices usually start at USD50 and can go up to USD300 per night.

Liveaboards If you are a surfing or diving fan, this one is for you. A safari boat is exclusively built for long journeys through the islands with accommodation and food provided onboard. Wide range of safari trips is available from trips starting from a few days to a week of drifting through the islands in search of the perfect dive spots and surf breaks.

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