Local Cuisine

Published on 21 August 2019 by Avila Holidays

Tuna, tuna and more tuna would just about sum up the local cuisine of the Maldives. Most cuisines are heavily influenced by Indian and Srilankan food.

Some of the popular local dishes are:

For Breakfast:
Mashuni and Roshi: Mas (Tuna fish) and huni (scraped coconut flesh) is mixed with lemon, onion and chillies and eaten with roshi (flatbread)

Lunch and Dinner:
Riha (curry): Curry can either be cooked with tuna, chicken or vegetables. Mostly eaten with rice or roshi.

Garudhiya (fish broth): Cleaned and filleted tuna fish cooked in water with salt. Mostly eaten with rice with lemon, onion and green chilli.

Evening tea: Tea during early evening hours is an important snack meal for most Maldivians. It is usually consumed between 4:30pm to 6:30pm since in most Malidvian households dinner is usually enjoyed after 8pm or even later. Evening tea is enjoyed with black tea or coffee with hedhikaa (small finger food usually made with tuna). Order bajiya, gulha, rihafolhi or boakibaa if you get the chance to stop by at a local café during late afternoon or early evening.

If you would like to dive a little bit more into Maldivian cuisine, we recommend Cook Maldives for more information.

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